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What Matters Daily Devotional Day 3: Divided House

What Matters Daily DevotionalWhat Matters Daily Devotional Day 3: Divided House

A double minded man is unstable in all his ways” James 1:8 KJV

I believe you are having a great time on What Matter – a devotional that seeks to encourage, challenge and strengthen you to live a life that wins. Anyone that conquers worries, anxieties and other issue of life is victorious and lives a life of a winner.

Today is another day and I will be sharing with us on “divided house”. Strange, right? It is because I didn’t want to put it in form of a question – “what happens to a divided house?”

Well, it amazes me how people worry so much about life, which make them must times to go any length, just to fulfill their quest in life. They can kill, steal and destroy in order to satisfy themselves. But do they get satisfied? Remember yesterday devotional taught us that worrying does not add any single hour to our lives or statue rather it reduces it.

A divided house is a house that is unstable. It is a house that is built on the sand (Matt.7:24) without solid foundation. When rain falls, flood comes and wind blows and beat strongly against it. It will fall and great is the fall of that house. A divided house can occur in a family, church or a company, when there are either one or more group trying to force their ideas into another group – disagreement surges in such situation and division sets in.

A man is unstable in his mind, when he/she is one worried by so many things. It’s either what to eat, drink or wear. I am not really saying that those things are worry but they may not guarantee our happiness when they come.

More than these things, anything that takes sleep off your eye and gets you unsettled will definitely divided your focus and attention. And anything that obstructs your focus gets you worried and you become anxious on how to get over it, by then you become unstable.

God’s Word Translation puts James 1:6, thus,

“Whoever wavers in his mind is troubled in all his ways”.

Worrying puts you in troubled state – indecisive moment that robs you, your time of rest, health and good times with friends and family.

You can take a decision today, by simply fixing your mind on Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of our faith. He will heal you of that broken heart and lift that burden off your shoulder. And He will give you peace that surpasses understanding. He is well-able to perfect that, which concerns you. Just cast your anxiety on Him because He cares. He can make that sickness, addiction and other issues that have held you bound to lose its grips in Jesus name, Amen.

Join me tomorrow for yet another refreshing edition of the What Matters Daily Devotional.

Always strive to win.

Divine Destiny Nwoye
Divine Destiny Nwoye
Divine Nwoye is a World-Class Christian, Writer and Podcaster. He shares content – written and audio format – which helps an individual gain personal and spiritual acceleration in life. Connect with him on Facebook @ and Twitter @

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