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A Konnect Africa Interview with Winston Muleba; Founder, Anti-Child Sexual Abuse Initiative

Winston Muleba II is a Christian, an Aquaculturist by profession, a Youth Advocate, Freelance Writer, and motivator who wishes to be a role model of success and achievement by performing to the best of his abilities in everything he does. He believes he is best suited for his profession for the reason that all expertise modules are relevant to his industrial experience and he describes himself as a low key, very approachable, determined and focused man, and of course, a proud Zambian.”

 Winston Muleba 2


Born on the 9th of September, 1988 in Ndola, to the Lunda tribe of Northern Zambia, Winston attended the Twikatane Primary School, and the Lubuto Secondary School;

“While at secondary school I was actively involved in various activities, in this regard I served as Vice President for GEO-Science Club, Chief Financial advisor for JETS Club and Coordinator for Additional Mathematics Club. I continued my Education at the Copperbelt University to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Fisheries and Aquaculture. In view of this my expertise includes water resource management, Fisheries and Aquaculture management and part of manufacturing.” he says.

“My educational journey was full of obstacles especially as I was raised by my mother- a single parent who did not possess any formal employment. My father passed on when I was young and his departure left a very big gap in the family; I thought tit marked the end of my education and those of my younger sisters Winfridah, Alice and Lindah. Anyway I think it was because of the death of my father that I quickly become a man at a very tender age.”


 “My main interests are people’s welfare, and sharing my knowledge, opinions on different platforms which include social media like facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn. I regard the Internet has a brilliant tool which help people reach and engage with each other.”


Winston’s articles have been featured on several online sites, and he has also written for some of the most popular magazines and newspapers in Zambia including Times of Zambia, Zambia Daily Mail, The Post Newspaper, Speakout Magazines, Copperbelt University Anti-AIDS magazine, Challenge, World bank Zambia, and the Job Challenges compendium.

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Climbing a career ladder, Winston worked for Pepsi stores in Ndola as a sales assistant, Project Quality Controller for Wood Processing Industries in Ndola, Quality Control Officer Trainee for Kafubu Water and Sewerage Company, Water Resources Officer Trainee in the Department of Water Affairs in the Ministry of Mines, Energy and Water development and Director-Operation Demand Side for [YYEt] YetYouth Empowerment Transformation Organization. He currently serves as a Director-Operations demand side at the [YYET] Yet Youth Empowerment Transformation. YYET is a registered NGO which was established in 2013 with the sole purpose of empowering the youth through providing employment, entrepreneurship training, ICT and construction skills so as to contribute to the alleviation of poverty on the Copperbelt and other provinces in Zambia.”

Winston is  also the Founder and Managing Editor for the Global Bulletin and e-Business, a budding media agency which seeks to inform, empower, advertise educate and entertain through business development, promotion of entrepreneurship, publishing innovative and creative features, connecting Africans to the latest life changing opportunities and showcasing people’s talents and Initiatives. He uses this platform to help young people realize and maximize their potentials, whilst connecting Africans to the latest opportunities within Africa and beyond the borders of Africa.

 The Founder and Executive Director for the Anti-Child Sexual Abuse Initiative, a cause firmly rooted in the belief that child sexual abuse and exploitation must be prevented before it occurs and not after the fact.

According to him, “We work with boys and girls who are at risk of being sexually abused and exploited including those who have been sexually abused and exploited in many different societies and cultures of Africa.  We acknowledge that boundaries between normal and abusive sexual behavior can be obscure; cultural differences and traditions between societies cannot be ignored. However, while concepts and definitions can be the subject of academic debate, victims without doubt live through a traumatic experience with devastating and often irreversible effects.”

Therefore, the impact of sexual and gender-based violence resonates in all areas of health and social programming: survivors of sexual violence experience increased rates of morbidity and mortality, and violence has been shown to exacerbate HIV transmission, among other health conditions.”


Winston was certified by UNESCO and the Goi Peace Foundation for participating in a 2014 International Essay Contest for Young People. He also got Certified by World Bank Africa and emerged as a finalist in a 2013 World Bank Think Jobs Writing Competition (Zambia’s Jobs Challenge); A World Bank program which was launched In September 2013, the intention of the program was to present data and analysis relating to jobs and unemployment in Zambia, and in a manner that might stimulate further public discussion.

He also participated in the 2013 Youth in Agriculture Blog Competition (YoBloCo) Awards. YoBloCo Awards is a contest organized in the framework of ARDYIS Project which aims to raise youth awareness and improve their capacity on agricultural and rural development issues in African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries using Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

Always on the look-out for opportunities, Winston participated in a 2014 Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition  organized by the Goi Peace Foundation, Tokyo (Japan), UNESCO, Paris (France) and Stiftung Entrepreneurship (Foundation for Entrepreneurship), Berlin (Germany).

 “This participation and interactions give me more courage and the guts to work even harder.” I currently run a weekly column in the Post Newspaper, the  leading newspaper in Zambia ‘You Can Do It with Winston Muleba’, where I Interview different individuals from all walks of life on behalf of the Post Newspaper and provide demand-driven motivational features.”


In his free time, Winston enjoys listening to Music especially Zambian Rhythms, browsing, writing and travelling to new places.

Inspiration and Mentors

“I am inspired by my late father’s legacy. He was one kind of a person who did things his own way. I have been mentored by Mrs Beauty Mweshi Muleba my mother, Elizabeth my sister, Mr Chama my Uncle, Nellow my sister, Mr Edem Djokotoe, a professional writing consultant and Mr Mwila Oscar, my boss at YYET.” Winston disclosed.

5 life lessons He will always remember…

-To Struggle with problems is a natural part of growing- I became a man mentally even before I qualified to be called a man.
-Never to make the mistake of waiting on someone or something to come along and make you happy-True happiness lies within us.
-A secret is only a secret when it’s within you, once you tell the person you think you trust it cease to be a secret because the person you trust also tells the person they trust.
-If you asked for an apple and life gives you a lemon, use it to make lemonade then sell it and buy an apple-It has worked for me thus never give up.
-Failing to prepare is preparing to fail – I am a victim of this.

 Africa will rise when…

All African countries provide an enabling environment for young people with innovative ideas to execute their ideas or innovations effectively.

Inspire a young African in one sentence

Achieving anything worthwhile in life takes effort, so start every morning ready to run farther than you did yesterday and fight harder than you ever have before.

Contacts: +260 966 461943

   +260950 5940 50

Facebook: Winston Muleba II


LinkedIn:Winston Muleba Jr




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