Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Woman -A Poem

Woman -A PoemTo the bearer of nations, it is you I call,

The last of the creator’s creations, it is you I call,

To you whose weakness, falls the strength of nations, it is you I call,

To the foundations of generations, it is you I call,

Oh how wonderfully and fearfully you are made,

Your beauty traverses and transcends boundaries,

To those who knew, you are called woman,

Woe-be-the man that despises you,

To you whose flaw, flaws the flawless,

Weapons of war could not bring you down

Samson, the strength of the world, was a molehill before thee,

Solomon, the wisdom of the world, was a folly before thee,

David, the king of the world, to thee has fallen,

The light cum the darkness of the world,

I do not eulogise thee, but idolise thee,

To ye that is the descendent of Eve,

Lonely could have being the name of the world without thee.

Akaho Felix Dzidula Junior
Akaho Felix Dzidula Junior
A Ghanaian, currently with the Prestigious Ghana Institute of Journalism studying for a B.A Degree in Communications (Journalism option). I love reading, watching football and at most times, blogging. Basically, I devote a chunk of my leisure time working on and perfecting my writing career. It's my dream to become a renowned Journalist, Lawyer and Author.

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